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120VC is a Transformational Leadership Consultancy on a mission to enable leaders and teams who can move people, organizations, and the world into what’s new and next; the Status Go.

For over 20 years, we worked with leading companies to help people lead and respond to change—with efficiency, agility, and humanity. We specialize in project and product leadership, operational efficiency, and organizational change management that Gets Sh*t Done #GSD.

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Open Positions

These aren’t just job openings, they’re positions of leadership.

We are looking for leaders who share our growth mindset, passion for people, and ambition to lead transformations. Positive people who believe in the transformative power of teamwork and #GSD.

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If you don’t see a position open for what you are looking for check back soon as we are rapidly growing and always looking for talent. Until then, say hello.

Team Culture

It’s Never Just Business.
It’s About People.

Purpose & Values

Today there’s a lot of talk about being a "purpose-driven" company. For us, a purpose bigger than profit is part our DNA . It’s the passion that drives all that we do. We exist to enable Leaders and their teams to reach their potential. We fundamentally believe that when people and teams succeed by delivering the expected and necessary results, they are significantly happier. We imagine a world where the majority of teams and companies can deliver this change to increase the quality of life, a higher happiness quotient, and economic prosperity for everyone. This is the transformative power of #GSD, Getting Sh*t Done.

Worlds Best Leader
Leadership & Teamwork

We’re not into layers of org chart hierarchy. At 120VC, we believe anyone can become a leader regardless of positional authority. Leadership is about putting the interests of stakeholders first and enabling others to reach their potential. Our team is kind of like playing basketball: When someone passes you the ball, you’re in charge of what to do with it next.

leadership and teamwork
Autonomy & Ownership

You’re given an incredible amount of freedom and autonomy at 120VC. You control your own destiny. Work from anywhere. Set your own schedule. Wake up every day and apply your expertise, experiment, and get shit done. Sounds awesome right? Here’s the rub: with freedom comes a ton of ownership and responsibility. Are you up for the challenge?

Autonomy & Ownership
Mastery & Change

Welcome to the Status Go. If you’re not leading change, you’re reacting to it or made obsolete by it. Transformational Leaders are needed to see what’s next and make what’s new. We hire top talent with a growth mindset who thrive with change. Individually and as a team, we feed our curiosity with constant learning and experimentation. We provide TLA certificate training and workshops, mentoring, and coaching to every member of the team.

Mastery & Change
Positivity & Gratitude

Changing the status quo is hard f@cking work. But it doesn’t have to be. Our brains perform better on positive than negative, neutral, or stressed. Research says we are 31% more productive when we’re positive. The good news is that only 10% of our happiness is attributable to the external environment, which means that we have control over 90% of our own happiness by adjusting our worldview. At 120VC, we see things as pathological optimists. We use daily gratitudes to help cultivate a can-do culture.

Positivity & Gratitude


We get that a lot of businesses today offer perks like foosball, kombucha kegs, and hipster gym memberships. Nothing wrong with that. But we believe part of being a leader is deciding for yourself what to do with your time and money. Not everyone wants to do goat yoga at work, some just want to get sh*t done. So we offer competitive salaries and a portfolio of benefits options so you can do you. At work and outside of work.

Be a leader

Become a Certified GSD Practitioner who helps some of the world’s biggest brands lead and respond to change—with efficiency, agility, and humanity.

Health Benefits

Our team’s health and wellness is a top priority at 120VC. We offer company-sponsored health benefit plans across Medical, Dental, and Vision.

Family First

We support families and offer flexible work schedules to ensure that we can always excel in their primary role—being an amazing partner or parent.

Good People

Call it teamwork, culture, or community. We embrace the cliche; one dream, one team. We’re both friends and coworkers here. We bring our whole and authentic selves to work.

Competitive Pay

Get paid to get sh*t done. We offer the members of our team a competitive salary based on position and experience plus additional commission and incentive options.

Paid Time Off

It’s important to relax and recharge. We offer paid holidays time, and unlimited approved PTO, and sick time. We hold weekends sacred and keep schedules flexible.

Retirement Plan

Getting old doesn't have to suck. We offer company match retirement plans for those who take advantage of our employee contribution plans.

Growth Plan

We invest in your growth and development with coaching and access to 120 TLA workshops including the 14-week, online Transformational Leadership Program worth $2,500 and 47 PDU’s from the Project Management Institute.

GSD Stuff

Get sh*t done from anywhere. We’ll hook you up with 120VC #GSD swag, a monthly cell phone/data stipend, and a generous Grubhub meal delivery account.

*All benefits are within the guidelines of our policies and procedure manual

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Hiring Policy

120VC is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity for applicants and employees. Employment decisions and practices will comply with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination in employment, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the age discrimination in employment act of 1967, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Immigration & Nationality Act, and any applicable state or federal laws.

This policy applies to all employment terms and conditions including hiring, compensation decisions, benefits, discipline, training, promotions, transfers, and terminations. Any employee or candidate for employment with questions or concerns about any type of discrimination in the workplace, or in the hiring process, should bring these issues to the attention of the 120VC Human Resources Department at 818-842-8041 - finance@120vc.com - 120VC 11601 Wilshire Blvd. 5th Floor Los Angeles, California, 90025. Employees and/or candidates for employment can raise concerns, report problems, or make complaints without fear of reprisal. Any 120VC employee found to be engaging in any type of unlawful discrimination will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. The employment-related provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as the California Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA), apply to all employees and job applicants seeking employment with Company. The Company will attempt to provide reasonable accommodation for known physical or mental limitations if a job applicant or employee is otherwise qualified unless undue hardship to the Company would result.

An applicant or employee who requires accommodation in order to perform the essential functions of the job should inform 120VC, and request such an accommodation. 120VC will then engage in a timely, interactive process with the applicant or employee to determine effective reasonable accommodations, if any, in response to a request for reasonable accommodation by an applicant or employee with a known physical or mental disability, or medical condition.