Transformational Leadership Academy

Our Mission

We are on a mission to train and empower a generation of transformative leaders who enable teams to get sh*t done through the application of the proven 120 Standard.

Other programs teach what they think works; we teach what’s proven to work.

The TLA delivers how-to, real-world instruction on the latest best practices being used by our teams to execute enterprise-wide projects for our Fortune 500 clients.

Learn more than theory and vocabulary, learn how to apply the proven 120 Standard, and become a Certified #GSD practitioner.  Check out: Transformational Leadership Certificate Program


Current Courses

The Transformational
Leadership Program

  • 14-Week, online, instructor-led cohort
  • PMI-Approved, certification course
  • Earn 47 PDU’s/CEU’s
  • Focus: Leadership, Change, Project, and Product Management


Informative and short talks that bring GSD leadership principles to multiple areas of discipline in on and offline events, webinars, lunches and networking events. Sign up to get updates on new events added monthly.


A range of workshops both on and offline, instructor-led and self-guided. Workshops don’t just teach theory, but proven and actionable skills, many part of certificate and earned PMI credit programs.


We offer multiple leadership programs enabling individuals, teams and organizations to #GSD. Our flagship course is The Transformational Leadership Program which is foundational certification for any one who leads a team.

The TLP class was terrific and I highly recommend it. There are many valuable lessons (even for someone like me who has been in the field for 30+ years), and I’ll share some of the highlights that you’ll benefit from: – You’ll learn a roadmap for a practical way to actually deliver value as opposed…

2023 The 120VC Transformational Leadership Program

This was such a wonderful yet unique course. The group at 120VC have really spent time to hone in on what is important to be successful in today’s world and have packaged those lessons in easy to use applied examples that lay out the foundation for how to get stuff done . The leadership strategy…

2023 The 120VC Transformational Leadership Program

Great class to learn how to leverage the GSD approach within SmartSheet. Always engaging and you get to take the templates that you just learned how to use with you for your own future projects.

2022 Smartsheet For Project Leaders That #GSD

This was a very nice experience, informative and fun! I look forward to more from this group!

2022 Smartsheet For Project Leaders That #GSD

I have found this book and accompanied downloads one of the most USEFUL and PRACTICAL project management books I have found. I’m reading again for the 2nd time. There’s significant value for all skill levels and as I read through the book, I’m finding some of the most valuable best practices and AH-HA MOMENTS!!! PMP…

2022 The Irreverent Guide to Project Management Leadership

Throughout my career in leadership, I have attended many workshops, classes, and certifications on leading better OR driving results. I have never had a class experience that binds the two together with one critical foundational piece – Being Human. The class blends neuroscience, leadership theory, process, and best practices simply and effectively with coursework that…

2022 The 120VC Transformational Leadership Program

Learning Experience

We believe in learning by doing. Being a leader requires practice and pushing outside your comfort zone.

The TLA follows the principles of the Kolb Model, to create an experiential learning experience. Our trainings follow a cycle of four stages: of (1) having a concrete experience followed by (2) observation of and reflection on that experience which leads to (3) the formation of abstract concepts (analysis) and generalizations (conclusions) which are then (4) used to test a hypothesis in future situations, resulting in new experiences.


Earn PDU’s and Contact Hours for PMI Credential Holders

120VC is a PMI Approved Training Provider and is authorized to give PDU’s to students for course completion. For example, our flagship Transformational Leadership program can earn 47 PDU’s. To qualify for PDU’s you will have to complete courses with a 70% or better participation score and complete the requirements for the course or workshop certificate.

Team Learning

Be a more effective and collaborative team

Individuals and organizations must adapt to the rapid change of culture and business. Teams culture has never been more important, especially with more teams working form home or in hybrid models. Enroll your team in one of our leadership programs to unlock their potential, achieve true agility, increased efficiency, and positive team culture.

Design a program that fits your team

If you are a large group of participants or have special requests, you might benefit from a course designed specifically for your company. We recommend learning in teams of 4 to 20 individuals. Contact us to learn about your options.

Areas of Focus