Unlock Agility, Lower Costs, and Unleash Your Organization's Potential.

On average, large IT projects run 45% over budget and 7% overtime while delivering 56% less value than predicted. We help our clients find efficiencies in processes and optimize operations to unlock growth, lower costs and unleash their full potential.

Areas of expertise

Transformational Leadership

Our team members are passionate about ensuring your success and leading project team members to achieve transformational outcomes. We combine passion, experience, and the 7 Organizational Change disciplines to complete your projects efficiently and effectively with near 100% user adoption every time!


Product Leadership

Our product managers provide strategic leadership throughout the duration of a product’s lifecycle. We enable efficient, results driven product development, market launch, and continual support and improvement.

Program Leadership

At 120VC, it is our Program Manager’s job to eliminate any Risk to a Project’s end date or cost associated with a Project Manager’s aptitude, skill or performance. In addition to evaluating and managing the Project Managers, a Program Manager controls their Program’s cost and ensures the completion of all of their Projects.


Change Management

We enable our clients to complete their transformation projects efficiently and cost-effectively with near 100% user adoption on day 1. Together, we help dramatically improve our clients change readiness, their ability to immediately respond to market opportunities, and connect with their customers.

Training & Certification

Our Transformational Leadership Program (TLP) and certifications offer the most rigorous and complete training in the industry. The undercurrent of everything we do is intentionally designed to ensure project managers have the ability to consistently deliver transformational change without any positional authority.