Learn more than theory and vocabulary, learn proven 120 practices of leader that can GSD.

Today, GSD requires Business Agility. It’s what every organization wants but is increasingly difficult to achieve. In over our two decades of research and practice we have not found a single standard, silver bullet, or panacea in existence that enables true Business Agility. So we invented it. The 120 GSD Standard makes Business Agility possible through the mastery of the 7 Change Disciplines: Leadership, Enterprise Project Management, Project Team Demand Management, Agile / Product Management, Change Management, and Program Management.

It is the curation of proven frameworks and outcome-based learnings into one simple, actionable standard that’s certifiable and adoptable. The standard itself is agile, constantly adopting proven practices as they’re proven out by start-ups and Fortune 1000 organizations.


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The Transformational Leadership Program (120-TLP)

January 20, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm PST

GSD Talks

Informative and short talks that bring GSP leadership principles to multiple areas of discipline in on and offline events, webinars, lunches and networking events. Sign up to get updates on new events added monthly.

GSD Workshops

A range of workshops both on and offline, instructor led and self-guided. Workshops don’t just teach theory, but proven and actionable skills, many part of certificate and earned PMI credit programs.

GSD Courses

We offer multiple leadership programs enabling individuals, teams and organizations to become fully 120 GSD Certified. The flexibility of online our program combines weekly assignments, online learning community interaction, bi-weekly instructor-led classes, and quizzes.

GSD Coaching

Individual and organizational coaching subscriptions and workshops designed to help any team reach their potential. There are three ways to level up your team; enroll entire team in one of our leadership programs, hire 120VC to curate a program specific to your team’s needs, or subscribe to a 120VC GSD coach.

Areas of Focus

Transformational Leadership

Projects can’t be managed to success; they need to be led!

We believe that leadership skills are the cornerstone of every successful Project Leader. We also believe that data trumps opinion, period…  Our Transformational Leadership curriculum combines proven Project Management best practices that enable data-driven decisions, with how-to leadership techniques curated from some of the most respected leadership experts in the field today.

And, everything we teach, we use in the field to drive global transformational projects for our Fortune 1000 clients. We walk the talk! Come learn how!

Product Leadership

No one hires a Product Leader because they want to maintain the status quo!

Agile Product Leadership requires the ability to clearly establish a shared vision, leverage the collective IQ by helping the team architect their own path to achieving that vision, a fierce focus on the alignment of outcomes to the vision, and a willingness to see failed experiments as progress.

Agile Product Leadership also requires the ability to constantly groom and prioritize the backlog, track commitments and outcomes daily, maintain a daily and weekly cadence of accountability with the team, and facilitate constant improvement.

All of our #GSD Talks, Workshops, and Courses teach the techniques we use in the field to optimize product pipelines for our clients. Come learn how!

Program Leadership

Program Managers rob from the rich and give to the poor to optimize the number of Projects completed with the funds available!

A Program Manager teams with their Project Managers to eliminate any single point of failure on their projects and to aggregate the data across projects so data-driven decisions can be made to optimize the outcomes of all projects in the Program.

They also work with their Project Managers to quality assure their work, coach, and mentor them, and ultimately provide a second set of eyes, and if necessary, hands. They eliminate the risk associated with Project Managers taking vacation, sick time, winning the lottery, and taking a position elsewhere.

Program Managers underwrite the risk of the projects in their Program because budgets are finite, and Projects must Get Done! Come learn how.

Change Leadership

We can be efficient with things; it takes time to help people get comfortable with and decide to develop new habits

Contrary to popular belief, the single worst assumption an organization can make is “that they will communicate the need & vision for change, and their team members will just get behind it.” A much better assumption is that 2.5% of team members will respond this way, and you will have to work really hard to connect with the rest.

Getting different results means helping people change their habits; this is something that should be started at the beginning of a project, not just before launch.

At 120VC, we aren’t just responsible for ensuring our client’s projects get done; we are responsible for ensuring they get the OUTCOMES they expected from their project. That requires Change Leadership that enables near 100% mass-market or end-user adoption on day one. Come learn how!

Operational Leadership

Maintaining the status quo and slow and steady win the race are dead paradigms!

Nobody hires a leader because they want their organizations to be the same in a month, 6-months, or a year! Leaders take organizations on a journey. The days of managing team members that produce slow, steady, high-quality results are over.

Organizations need leaders that are outcome obsessed, capable of leveraging the collective IQ, enabling their teams to autonomously come up with and pitch game-changing business & product ideas.

If we were to simplify the success criteria for a leader, it would be “they enable their team to get sh*t done that creates value for their stakeholders.” The world doesn’t need box checkers or process followers; we need to enable everyone on the team to lead! Come learn how!

Construction Leadership

Construction Projects traditionally lose money; stop the bleeding!

Construction Leadership was one of the first consumers of project management. People have been leading large scale, complex, modern construction projects since before the first modern skyscraper was built in Chicago in 1885, and little has changed in their approach.

Today’s construction projects need to be run efficiently and cost-effectively, using modern planning and demand management tools and techniques. Without them, Construction Leadership is crossing their fingers and hoping they come in on time and budget.

In a field that builds things on the back of comities, expensive labor, complicated supply chains, in an ever-changing market, the only way to ensure your projects are profitable is to run them as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Come learn how!

Current Courses

The art of leading a team to GSD

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Servant Leadership That Gets Sh*t Done

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The 120VC Transformational Leadership Program

The Online Transformational Leadership Training From The Experts In GSD.

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120VC is my go-to for anything Leadership, Project Management or Change Management related. These guys get it done and... I never doubt for one second that they are putting my best interests first. You can trust 120VC with your success/ reputation. These guys deliver.

- Dionne Aarsen
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I highly recommend 120VC. They are a firm with a strong methodology, a proven track record of success at Trader Joe’s Company, and a group with the requisite know-how and emotional intelligence to deliver mission critical projects.

- Ron Glickman
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The 120VC standard and training is in the top three of my all-time greatest contributors to my professional development. That puts it on par with my MBA, and above the PMP. [120] practices are the secret sauce of effective project, program and portfolio managers.

- Jeff Ober
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