The 120VC Transformational Leadership Network (TLN) is a community working together to take their careers and businesses to the next level.   


The TLN is the world's only peer network focused on developing leaders that effectively enable their teams to Get Sh*t Done. It’s an invite-only, community, and network platform for growth through access to accountability, mentoring, networking, resources, jobs, and events.  


  • Huntington Beach, CA
    Brett Palmer & Associates
    Owner/Principal Consultant
    Executive Coach, Enterprise Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Trainer
  • David Trujillo
    Los Angeles
    Sr. Program Manager
    Program and Project Management. IT Leadership
  • Chris Baker
    Los Angeles, CA
    Alvarez & Marsal
    Senior Director Technology Advisory Services
    Corporate Performance Improvement Consultant
  • Jake Roig
    Los Angeles
    Managing Partner
    IT Project, Product & Change Management
  • Jason Scott
  • Jeff Ober
    Riverside, CA
    Sparrow Partners
    Director of Technology & Innovation
    Real Estate Development and Management
  • John Cosby
    Los Angeles, CA
    Sr. Project Leader- Associate Practice Lead
    Technology Project & Program Management
  • Michael Paglione
    Irvine, CA
    Blizzard Entertainment
    Lead Project Manager
    Program Management
  • Michael Knutson
    Thousand Oaks, CA
    AmeriHome Mortgage
    Project Leader
    IT Project/Program Management
  • Patrick Bennett
    Los Angeles, CA
    Senior Program Manager
    Program Management | ScrumMaster | PMO
  • Avatar
    Frisco, TX
    To Increase Partners, LLC
    Founder & CEO
    Management Consulting
  • Ulrich Von Schweinitz
    New York
    Program Leader Eng. Tech. Business Engagement
    IT Professional

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Connect, Learn, Mentor & Grow 

Great leaders don't wing it, they prepare and practice. No one wakes up in the transformative leadership zone. It is a long, hard, and sometimes painful journey. But it doesn’t have to be.


Surround yourself with people who can help you unlock your leadership potential.  People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world with a positive mindset, a clear purpose, and a desire to be servant leaders.  

New to this?  Join up with those who may be a little ahead of you on the path.  Been at this while? Get inspired by the young, up-and-coming members with fresh perspectives.  No matter where you are in your journey to becoming a Transformational Leader, you will learn, teach, connect and grow as you mentor each other.  

Find your people in forum 

Having a support system is so important. Peer group forums of 7–10 Transformational Leadership Professionals are the foundation of the TLN.  We meet virtually on a monthly basis connecting you with people who help each other navigate leadership challenges and identify hidden opportunities by sharing their own experiences in a trusted and confidential environment. 


Transformative outcomes from shared experiences 

The TNL is a safe space to ask tough questions and get a multitude of honest perspectives. Chances are someone has been through what you’re going through. It could be a new opportunity, a cross-road moment, an ongoing issue, a transition, or a business or family crisis. Each forum we check in on the physical, mental, financial, and community health status sharing our highs and lows.  No one is told what to feel, think or do. We share our individual experiences and coach each other to reach our potentials. 


Exclusive Profile
Exclusive Profile

Get on the A-list, or as we call it the TLN-list. Create and manage your professional profile on the TLN website, where you will be actively endorsed and promoted. Employers looking to hire Transformational Leadership Professionals will be able to connect with you directly for opportunities within their organizations. No strings attached.

Leadership Forum
Leadership Forum

Meet virtually on a monthly basis with a peer group of 7–10 Transformational Leadership Professionals who can help you navigate leadership challenges and identify hidden opportunities by sharing their own experiences. Forum meetings are facilitated by a moderator, structured to ensure value is created, and confidentiality is maintained. Meetings generally qualify for continuing education units for those with credentials from professional organizations. Each member receives forum training to ensure they are equipped to get the most from their experience.

Accelerated Networking
Accelerated Networking

The TLN is an invite-only membership organization for leaders intentional about making a positive impact on the world. People who understand that expanding their circle of influence also increases their reach of positive transformational change. In addition to Forum offerings, we host networking events to connect you with other Transformational Leadership Professionals so together we can elevate each other while elevating the practices of leadership, teamwork, and humanity in the workplace that maximize human potential, and accelerate innovation.

Global Events
Global Events

As a member, you receive complimentary access to Global TLN Events (virtual and in-person) that combine provocative learning programs, unique resources, and memorable social venues. Events are more than high-energy and aspirational, they give you something immediately actionable to level up.

Published Thought Leadership
Published Thought Leadership

Walk, talk and publish the transformative power of GSD. You are given an amplified platform on the 120VC Insights blog and in the social community to publish papers and articles to industry leaders and practitioners.

Priceless Resources
Priceless Resources

Get a complimentary copy of “It’s Never Just Business, It’s About People,” and “The Irreverent Guide to Project Management” with templates and access to all 120VC intellectual property like “Meetings That Get Sh*t Done” for professional use. You will receive 120VC Swag to wear as a badge of GSD. There may or may not be a GSD Members-Only Jacket.


Do you have what it takes?

The Transformational Network Is Invite-Only.  Potential members must meet the following requirements:

  1. You share our belief in the transformative power of GSD.
    • You share our values: Achievement (Founder Mentality), Cares About People, Teamwork, Servant Leadership, & Voracious Learning.
    • You share our qualities: Driven, Self-Starter, Capable, High Emotional Intelligence, Positive Energy, Grit, & Highly Articulate.
  2. You are looking for a community: That is willing to be vulnerable and share the good, the bad, and the ugly for the sake of value creation. You want to lean in and give value as much as you get value.
  3. You can be vouched for.
    • Someone in the TLN community recommends you or you meet with the TLN Membership Chair and they feel you would be a great cultural fit for the community.
    • You interview with the TLN Board and they feel you would be a great cultural fit for the community.
    • You meet with a Forum and together feel like you are a high-performing fit.
  4. You are all-in.
    • You take an active role in promoting the TLN and curating its members.
    • You bring your whole self to Forum and all TLN events… That’s how value is created.

How To Get In

Fill out an application, or
Take one of our training courses and get noticed, or
Find a member, get to know them, and get them to sponsor you.