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The world needs fewer MBA’s after people’s names and more GSD’s.

120 GSD Talent Network exists to assemble and to empower a network of highly sought-after, GSD-Certified Project, Product, Change, or Demand Management leaders to help organizations unlock their potential.

Do you believe in the transformative power of getting sh*t done?

How we’re different

120 GSD Talent Network is changing the game. Like Jerry Maguire, we show our clients the money. We work tirelessly to place our talent in the best position to win. We help advance the careers of Project, Product, Change, and Demand Management professionals who are purpose-driven and outcome-obsessed.

Unlike other professional networks in this space, we leverage the transformative power of GSD to create high-quality jobs:

1. We empower it. We offer more than a paper certificate of knowledge. We certify that our members have proven mastery of the how-to standards on the job, having delivered complex projects successfully with a high level of customer satisfaction. Turns out, this is both extremely rare and highly sought after.

2. We walk it. 120VC is known as the experts at Getting Shit Done. This is our core competency. It’s how our clients describe us and it’s why companies choose 120VC GSD Talent over any other candidate.

3. We talk it. We never hard-sell ourselves to customers. Our results speak for themselves. And so do our members as ambassadors of GSD creating jobs by getting their jobs done.

This approach enables 120VC to deliver “ready to start” people we know and trust, that are trained and have demonstrated pre-employment they will excel on day one. This approach also enables 120VC to promote GSD Talent and their pedigree direct to employers. If an organizations needs full-time GSD, they can find it without 120VC acting as the middle-person.

How it works

Imagine having elite Navy Seal-like training, being a member of an exclusive and connected alumni network, and if you had an A-list Hollywood talent agent to land you a leading role. The 120 GSD Talent Network is just that.

First, apply to get in.  Don’t quit your day job. Joining 120 GSD Talent Network will help you outperform in it, and likely be promoted, be placed in a new job with one of our clients, or actively recruited by organizations seeking people that GSD.

As a member, you’ll get trained, certified, published, and promoted to our community of industry leaders and practitioners. You will be a total badass demonstrating mastery using the 120VC Standards making you a highly recognized and sought-after talent.  Whether employed with us or not, you will know our clients and they will know you. It’s a total win-win.

What’s in it for them (client benefits)

  • The average hiring process in the U.S. is more than 20 days.
  • The cost of recruiting, training and retaining FTE’s, approx $27k per hire
  • It costs 33% of a worker’s annual salary to hire a replacement if that worker leaves.
  • Turnover is wrecking businesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people are quitting at the fastest rate since 2001.

The 120 GSD Talent Network eliminates this hiring black hole that sucks money and time out of a company seriously impacting customer satisfaction, and disrupting the entire business.

We work on both the supply and demand side for Project, Product, Change and Demand Managers.   

We create the demand.
The 120VC approach is shaping our client organizations. We do this through our consulting enablement services that implement the 120VC model for their internal teams.  We affect cultural change by completing our client's projects. Because we are using the practices we train and certify in; we are effectively training our client's project participants in parallel to delivering our initiatives. In essence, we are shaping the environments we are working in to benefit from, and demand GSD talent.

We supply the talent.
We have purpose-built career paths for practitioners in each of our disciplines. Our training programs are all built from our experience in the field and teach proven how-to techniques that build effective, marketable skills.

What’s in it for you (member benefits)

  1. Exclusive member profile.  Get on the A-list, or as we call it the GSD-list. Create and manage your professional profile on the 120VC GSD Talent Network website where you will be actively endorsed and promoted. Employers looking to hire GSD talent will be able to connect with you directly for opportunities within their organizations. No strings attached!
  2. Published GSD Thought Leader.  You are given an amplified platform on the 120VC Insights blog and in the social community to publish papers and articles to industry leaders and practitioners.
  3. Free Training. Get a project leadership certification that means something. Participation in the next cohort of our Project Leadership Program (PLP), a 14 Week of Online Instructor-Led Training  ($2,500 value).
  4. Free 120VC Resource Materials. Get a personal copy of “It’s Never Just Business, It’s About People,” and “The Irreverent Guide to Project Management”  with templates and access to all 120VC intellectual property like “Meetings That Get Shit Done” for professional use. ($Priceless).
  5. Opportunities to work @ 120VC.  Work directly with 120VC executive leadership and clients to get the on-the-job application of the standards taught and examined, including weekly qualitative reviews that measure competency, customer experience, and project outcomes.
  6. Free Swag.  You will receive 120VC Swag to wear as a badge of GSD. There may or may not be a GSD Members-Only Jacket. ($Priceless).
  7. Access to Exclusive Network Meeting.   Join the weekly 120VC GSD Talent Network meeting to get to know the existing 120VC team, share insights, and collaborate on ideas.  This is a great opportunity to acclimate to the 120VC culture, get to know the existing team members, and allow them to get to know you.
  8. Networking Events.  You are invited to all 120VC events, mixers, cocktail hours, and 120VC Connects. We work hard and play hard.
  9. Winning.  Participate in our annual members-only sweepstakes for your chance to win prizes like gift cards to 5-day all-expense-paid vacations all while building your online brand, professional network, and the GSD Talent Network profile.
  10. Job Placement.  If you Opt-In, you are in-network, trained, certified-GSD, experienced, published, immersed in the culture, and decked out in SWAG.  You have a signed Letter of Interest (LOI) with us. When opportunities arise with 120VC and with our clients, we will introduce you, facilitate interviews and promote you.

Do you have what it takes? (membership requirements)

120VC GSD Talent Network Is Invite-Only. You must meet the following requirements:. 

  1. You share our belief in the transformative power of GSD. 
    • Values: Achievement (Founder Mentality), Cares About People, Teamwork, Servant Leadership, & Voracious Learning.
    • Qualities: Driven, Self-Starter, Capable, High Emotional Intelligence, Positive Energy, Grit, & Highly Articulate.
  2. You can be vouched for.  
    • Candidates have been interviewed by 120VC Talent Acquisition & Two Practice Leads and have their UNWAVERING recommendation to join the 120VC team.
    • You provided references from 2 employers that have verified you are GSD.
  3. You are all-in. 
    • You take an active role in promoting the GSD Talent Network and curating its members.
    • Opt-In (not mandatory) We have established a Letter of Interest (LOI) with you. The LOI communicates our interest to work with you. It will also outline the terms of our future offer (position, salary, benefits, etc.) should we find a client with a suitable project that would enable us to hire you as a full-time 120VC employee.

How to get in

  1. Fill out an application, or
  2. Take one of our training courses and get noticed, or
  3. Find a member, get to know them, and get them to sponsor you.
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