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The Irreverent Guide to Project Management


The essential “How to Guide” to the GSD Standard of Project Management. Our Project Managers use it to plan and complete large enterprise-wide projects for companies like Trader Joes, DirecTV, LiveNation, and Beachbody. The book is a outcome-obsessed, simple compendium of best practices compiled into a step-by-step easy to follow approach.


The stress of being a project leader can be enormous, having to deal with time and budget constraints, unforeseen obstacles, uneasy executive stakeholders, and a thousand other concerns. You need a tested and proven toolkit to ensure that every job in your portfolio is done absolutely right.

The Irreverent Guide to Project Management offers comprehensive, step-by-step instruction and best practice techniques to help you move your project forward aggressively and achieve optimum results. J. Scott covers all the bases with engaging wit and mind-blowing expertise, from kickoff meeting to final review, offering straight-to-the-point direction for creating a viable work plan, control log, and job status documentation; establishing a baseline budget; prioritizing and managing impediments; and so much more.

Both practical and flexible, with guidelines and procedures that are appropriate for any project, large or small, The Irreverent Guide to Project Management will lead you to a consistently successful outcome every time.


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The Irreverent Guide to Project Management
Average rating:  
 15 reviews
 by amir pirastehfar on The Irreverent Guide to Project Management
Awesome Learning

I just finished taking the 120VC Transformational Leadership Program (TLP) and read a good portion of this guide. This book provides the tools and disciplines to stick to standards that make project managers successful. Project Managers lead and it is so much easier when you can follow a proven plan.

 by Jane T. on The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

The 120VC Guidebook is one of the most useful books on Project Management that I've ever read. It really solidifies the 'theoretical' Project Management taught by PMI with the many different company specific methodologies and gives you a great process to start at a new company and 'hit the ground running'.

 by Tamara Fagan on The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

The Irreverent Guide to Project Management is an outstanding tool for referencing comprehensive, common sense, real world project management practices. Filled with 350 pages of step-by-step processes and procedures, it’s the ultimate “cheat sheet” and a steal at $19.99. Thanks, Jason!

 by Josh Skifstrom on The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

I’ve had the pleasure of accessing the 120VC Project Management Guidebook through Jason’s mentorship program. Not only does it help you become a better project manager, but a better all around employee. If you follow the standard, you will succeed! I am using it in every aspect of my life for a more accountable way to work smarter and not harder.

 by Rene Fuerst on The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

Your 120VC Guidebook and Toolset is the most useful thing I have seen in a long, long time.

It's all hands on, get's you right to kick-off and ramp up.

I just took over a portfolio with 5 projects.

This is exactly what I need right now.

 by Michael Lee on The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

I actually enjoyed reading through the Guidebook, it is a great checklist for PM activities at each project phase. It is a very comprehensive step by step guide that can be utilized by PMs at all skill levels.

 by Ron Keich on The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

I really like the completeness of the 'Irreverent Guide to Project Management' that your company developed.

 by Mike Wilson on The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

I found the guide to be more real world than PMBOK, even though the principles are similar the 120VC guide is much more realistic and actually puts wheels on everything else I have learned on the subject of Project management.

 by Darci O. on The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

The guidebook is a must-have!

Sooo many different proprietary methodologies - It's about time!

Maybe it will save the world!

 by Spencer B. on The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

As someone who is currently pursuing a career in Project Management, I have found this guidebook to be very beneficial. Not only has it answered many questions that I had regarding the profession, it provides the information in a well organized, systematic and straight to the point way that is easy to comprehend. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a jump start on a Project Management career.

 by Kim Haase on The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

The Guidebook is irreverent. The content is brilliant. 120VC provides all the tools you need to get the job done consistently and without having to recreate the wheel on every project. The standard covers every base and leaves you the time and mental capacity to deal with your project's content, rather than battles, backtracking, and irrelevant minutiae. Hats off to 120VC for developing such a detailed, effective, spot-on guide for real world project managers.

 by Laura Lindstrom on The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

Thank you for making this guidebook available. I am a "junior PM", but not for long. I plan on using the techniques immediately to help me achieve Senior PM performance and a promotion!

 by Newton Pollard on The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

I am delighted with my purchase of The Irreverent Guide to Project Management. It has far exceeded my expecations and all I can say is I wish I had this guide 10 years ago. I highly recommend it to any serious project or program manager.

 by Chris Baker on The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

The 120VC Project Management Guidebook is an integral part of my PMO’s delivery toolset. We implemented the best practices as defined in the Guidebook to accelerate the maturity of our Project Delivery capabilities, enabling consistent, confident, and reliable planning, control and execution. In short order, this homogenous best-practice based approach being adhered to by all the PM’s in my PMO, has delivered tangible and palpable improvements in not only project success but also in project manager effectiveness.

The use of the Guidebook complemented by 120VC instructor led training and project reviews has made all the difference because it has reinforced the good behaviors and ensured adoption and adherence. After having experienced first-hand these benefits and improvements in the way my PMO delivers projects, our customers have now demanded the instructor led training and program review support in order to teach their own project managers in the ways of the Guidebook for their own business-led efforts.

Purchasing the 120VC Guidebook versus developing an in house toolkit saved us significant dollars, and time to market was essentially immediate with little to no maintenance required. A great solution for anyone focused on dramatically improving the quality of service and delivery of teams of project managers.

 by Bill Endow on The Irreverent Guide to Project Management

I needed my team of PMs to adopt a consistent project management approach to cut down on the amount of time I spent trying to understand everything that was going on in my project portfolio. The approach had to be practical and flexible enough to handle both small and large projects. It also had to be something that my PMs would willingly adopt because they saw value in it. The 120VC Guidebook “The Irreverent Guide to Project Management” is just what I was looking for, and the results from adopting its approach have been outstanding.