Servant Leadership That Gets Sh*t Done

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Location: Online Collaborative
Duration: One-time
Time: 6 hours
Price: $225
Leader: J. Scott
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Projects And Agile Processes Fail When People Fail To Lead.

This workshop is about putting the how-to techniques used at 120VC in your hands. You will learn two simple game-changing methods to earn credibility and 6 leadership techniques that can be put into practice immediately. Unlock the transformative power of GSD by putting focus on developing your leadership skills and of every person on your team.

About This Workshop

Are you tired of hearing that most projects fail because of poor communication? The frustration you feel is probably because you instinctively understand the following:

  1. Projects don’t fail; they don’t have a heartbeat or a social security number. People fail.
  2. Communication is simply the vehicle we use to lead.
  3. Blaming failure on communication is the greatest obstacle to addressing the lack of leadership skills that lead to undesirable outcomes.

If we were to simplify the success criteria for a leader, it would be "they enable their team to get sh*t done that creates value for their organization."

When organizations focus on improving communication, they generally add processes and guidelines that increase the workload on teams that are already struggling to deliver the desired results. But it’s easier to use communication as the scapegoat than it is to admit they "suck at leadership!"

The solution is to focus on developing the leadership skills of each of their team members regardless of their title. The basic foundation of an agile organization, an agile mindset and teamwork is that "everyone is a leader." Increasing the Leadership Quotient (LQ) in an organization, and getting "lean" with process will lead to more successful projects and desired outcomes.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Understand and practice the psychology of getting great results.
  • Identify the difference between a boss and a leader.
  • Guide teams with “communicate to lead” skills.
  • Empower ownership of the outcomes by taking responsibility for what is heard.
  • Gain techniques needed to stop holding people accountable by helping team members stay accountable.
  • Grow your skills and confidence to effectively lead up.
  • Download a suite of 120VC tools, templates, and frameworks.
  • Earn up to 6 PDU’s
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