The Project Leadership
Program (120-PLP)

We have rewritten the manual for GSD. And we teach it in a 14-Week, Online instructor-led training course perfect for anyone who leads a team.

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Location: Online Instructor-Led Training
Duration: 14 Weeks
Date: August 5 - November 11, 2020
Price: $2,500 USD NOW $1,500 with discount code at checkout: COVID-RELIEF
Leader: J. Scott
Registration: Limited number of spots now open

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The Online Project Leadership Training From The Experts In GSD.

The 120VC Project Leadership Program (PLP) is unlike other training on Leadership, Project, Product, and Change Management.  It delivers how-to, real-world instruction on the latest best practices being used by our professional services teams to execute enterprise-wide projects for our Fortune 500 clients.

We managed Trader Joe’s nationwide merchant processing system upgrade—and we did it in 6 months with zero downtime. Visa called it a flawless implementation in record time.

"I've been a project manager for 20+ years, and this is the best course I've ever been through for thoughtful, practical, and respectful applications of knowledge and skills that this discipline requires to be successful."

– Maria Page

Online Project Leadership Program (PLP)

"Jason Scott is an excellent teacher and has project managed at the highest levels of corporate America. This course is a masterclass in understanding how to succeed in those environments and it's loaded with excellent readings, videos, and other materials that you will refer back to (and can use to impress your colleagues) for the rest of your career."

– James Burk

Online Project Leadership Program (PLP)

"By the end of this course, I developed a new confidence in my ability to lead. I finally found the people who care about others as human beings and not just as potential profits and losses. The great twist here is that leading in this way creates incredibly functional, productive teams and the best outcomes for all stakeholders. Being able to sleep at night feeling good about my interactions with others AND being a successful Project Leader? I’ll take it! I am 100% sold on the 120VC way."

– Jenny Thomas

Online Project Leadership Program (PLP)

About PLP

Leaders drive change; they push the human race forward. Leaders inspire those around them to reach for greatness. Great leaders prove that extraordinary leadership doesn’t require official authority, it just requires that we put our team members success first.

Project Leadership is about helping Project Teams deliver transformational change without any positional authority. To do this efficiently and cost-effective and to achieve near 100% adoption on day one, Project Leaders need to employ Project and Change Management best practices AND great leadership techniques.

The 120VC online Project Leadership Program (PLP) provides how-to instruction on the latest best practices being used by our Professional Services teams to execute enterprise-wide projects for our Fortune 500 clients. It also incorporates the latest thinking in Leadership best practices.

We developed the PLP in collaboration with respected researchers, academics, and subject-matter experts. We curated the program material from hundreds of books, articles, theoretical frameworks, and best practices that represent the best thinking in both the leadership and the project execution communities today.

This online program combines weekly assignments, online learning community interaction, bi-weekly instructor-led classes, and quizzes; the combination of reading, sharing ideas, critical thinking, lecture, and quizzes is meant to reinforce the learning and enable the student to execute upon best practices.

There are two weeks of assignments and learning community interaction between each online instructor-led class. Each week’s assignments should take 2 – 3 hours weekly. There is a total of 8 two hour instructor-led classes, the entire program is 14 weeks.


By completing the Online 120VC Project Leadership Program, you can receive PDUs in all three of the Project Management Institute’s training categories:

9 - Leadership
12 - Technical Project Management
9 - Strategic and Business Management


8/5/20 - 11/11/20

8/5/20 5 - 7pm Orientation: Orientation Toward Learning, Community & Basecamp
Week 1: Leadership, Methodology, PPM & Agile
Week 2: Communication is a Leadership Tool
8/19/20 5 - 7pm Class: The Organizational Change Engine, Project Portfolio Mgt, Change Mgt, & Agile
Week 3: Leadership, Daily Status & Getting It Out of Your Head
Week 4: Candor, The Ladder of Inference & Project Status Reportingroject Status Reporting
9/2/20 5 - 7pm Class: Communication is a Leadership Tool
Week 5: Meetings, Motivating People & Cultivating Good Commitments
Week 6: Accountability, Unplanned Tasks & Impediments
9/16/20 5 - 7pm Class: Leading Meetings
Week 7: Trust, Consulting & Establishing the Planning Schedule
Week 8: Purpose, Disagreement as Value Creation & Defining the Project
9/30/20 5 - 7pm Class: Consulting & Defining the Project
Week 9: Negotiation, Interviewing & Planning the Project Overview
Week 10: Planning the Project
10/14/20 5 - 7pm Class: Planning the Project
Week 11: Emotional Intelligence, Project Accounting & Budget Reporting
Week 12: Persuasion & Managing Budgetary Risk
10/28/20 5 - 7pm Class: Managing the Project Budget
Week 13: Trust, Candor, Influence & Project Risk
Week 14: Managing Project Change
11/11/20 5 - 7pm Class: Course Correcting for Success While Managing Risk and Change

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The Online Project Leadership Program (PLP)
Average rating:  
 15 reviews
by Jason Liska on The Online Project Leadership Program (PLP)
For Project Leaders!

For those who want to lead, and not be led by projects, you'll want this course. After 20 years of managing projects and witnessing hundreds of others attempt to manage projects in the military, my only wish was that this course was mandatory at the start of my career. It is an excellent course focused on leadership and not just management. I left refreshed, focused, and equipped with tangible tools to apply immediately. In some cases, I applied learned knowledge and techniques from this course on the same day I learned them. I highly recommended this course for all service members, project managers, and leaders.

by Bakari Malik on The Online Project Leadership Program (PLP)
Extremely Beneficial Course

This course was super helpful for any current PM or any individual seeking to become a PM. Content covered emotional intelligence, ways to effectively lead projects, PM best practices, documentation templates, and much more. The course was brilliant overall and Jason was a great teacher. The best part is that the guidebook remains relevant even after the course has completed and I have referred back to it at times to better perform in my current role.

by Waheed Malik on The Online Project Leadership Program (PLP)
Project Management Basics

The PLP is a good course, and 120VC is a place for anyone who wants to learn about project management. There is a lot of content that a new person who has no idea about project management can read and learn in this course, which should help them in their future careers. The weekly readings and videos also have good material that helps with the ideas that are being discussed in class during a particular week and then discussed again in the webinars. The weekly assignments and forums also allow students to interact with each other and discuss these ideas further. Also the different templates used in everyday project management is a winner and a very good idea and 120VC has done good there too because a lot of people don’t know what is required and how they should interact during an ongoing project and people can familiarize themselves about the actual type and form of communication that is required in project management situation. I think these templates are great help and take the thinking out of it. And finally I think 120VC has collected a lot of content that helps people who don’t know anything about project management learn about the basics and principles of good project management. It’s good starting point for beginners. But you have to read all the material to benefit from it.

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