Navigating Risk & Change

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Format: Online Collaborative with Breakout Sessions
Duration: 6 Hours
PDUs: 3 Leadership | 3 Technical
Certification: 120VC #GSD Risk Leader (120-GSDRL)
Price: $225
Leader: J. Scott

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About This Course

If Projects always went according to plan, Project Leaders would have nothing to do. They would be able to lead projects forward in two hours per week. At team check ins, members would give universal thumbs-ups, and Project Leaders would publish status reports with nothing but good news.

Since that never happens, it’s time to admit; "RISKS & ISSUES ARE NOT JUST FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS" Projects rarely go according to plan, that’s why the world needs Project Leaders. They spend the vast majority of their 40-hour work weeks navigating Risk and Change to #GSD. The ability to successfully Conquer Risk and Change has become the emblem of a modern Project Leader. Yet when asked how well their organizations navigate Project Risk and Change, CEOs almost unanimous answer; "Poorly!"

Join J. Scott, Founder @120VC and author of "The Irreverent Guide to Project Management, An Agile Approach to Enterprise Project Management," and "It's Never Just Business, It's About People," on a journey that will demystify Risk and Change. Learn several practical, proven techniques that will have your stakeholders feeling like "YOU HAVE EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL," even if your Project is a veritable dumpster fire.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand the Project Leadership Value Proposition
  • Conquer the 3 Different Types of Risks: Potential, Actual & Imminent
  • Learn Why Nobody is Actually Managing to the Critical Path & How to Correct It
  • Learn How to Eliminate Actual and Imminent Risk by Managing to the Critical Path
  • Practice the Concept of Project Team Demand Management – The Missing Half of Project Success
  • Master Change by Not Trying to Manage It
  • Experience the transformative power of #GSD
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Navigating Risk & Change

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