Be a Part of The Transformational Change

Not everyone is 120 material

At 120VC we believe that leaders change things; they push the human race forward. Leaders inspire those around them to reach for greatness. And, we believe that innovation by its very nature is about change. As a Business agile Product Company, we drive and enable transformational change for our clients.

What is expected of you

  • You are fulfilled by solving impossible problems and doing the work necessary to ensure your team succeeds.
  • You geek out on constantly learning and about things that might bore others.
  • You will receive a ton of training from 120VC – You will train constantly.
  • You find ways to give credit for success to your team members and avoid self-promotion.
  • You are always there to pick others up when they have fallen.
  • You measure yourself and others by their actions and accomplishments – You believe that words not backed by action are meaningless.
  • You are congruent, extremely accountable and never do half-assed work.
  • You understand that to achieve a billion-dollar valuation; every team member is driving the bus, we have no room for passengers.
  • You understand that when the team achieves a billion-dollar valuation, everyone on the team wins.

Open positions