The Art of Leading Meetings

60-minute Talk

"This could have been an email"

    - Your Team

There are 25 million meetings per day in the U.S. yet 50% of meetings are a waste of time. And worse, more than $37 billion per year is wasted on unproductive meetings. A good meeting moves teams forward to deliver the necessary and expected outcomes. here's the rub, good meetings don't just happen. You can't wing it. They must be led.

About This Talk

In this talk, we'll unveil the art of leading meetings that get sh*t done. Like all art forms, mastering meetings will require discipline and practice.

J. Scott shares over two decades of experience leading meetings for entrepreneur startups and Fortune 100 companies that moved the proverbial "needle."

You will learn proven and practical methods of leading purpose-driven, people-focused, outcome-obsessed meetings. See your meeting engagement and outputs skyrocket. Have people show up and even look forward to your meetings. Because you are competing for their time, win. After this talk, your team will never again think your meetings "Could have been an email".

Talk Outcomes

  • Learn to “Communicate to Lead”
  • Learn how to Prepare to Lead Your Team to a WIN with an Agenda
  • Learn Active Listening | THE Secret to Effective Leadership, Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving
  • Learn How to Win & Move the Ball Down the Field As a Team
  • Learn How to Close Loops, Foster Autonomy, and Enable Self-Accountability

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