The Art of Leading a Team that Gets Sh*t Done

The world is constantly changing, and there is a constant pressure to deliver more – faster.

Leadership that can unlock your team’s potential is needed now more than ever. In this dynamic, 6-hour workshop, you will discover both the art and science of 120VC’s purpose-built, people-centric approach that is proven to work.

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About This Course

In a world of Waterfall, Agile, Six Sigma, Lean, and SAFe, we are constantly in pursuit of the next new mythology. Why? Because silver bullet after silver bullet, these methodologies predominantly failed to deliver the transformational outcomes that they promised. The irony is that every single one of these methodologies created value somewhere, that’s how they got popular!

The secret is simple, in all instances where they were used to achieve transformational outcomes successfully, they were used by effective leaders, and applied to the proper use case. Having a management or executive title doesn’t make you a leader.

The reason we hear that great leaders are born and not taught is that great leadership is rare. But it doesn’t have to be… Join J. Scott Founder of 120VC for this workshop that blends purpose-built people-centric process with simple, easy to execute leadership techniques that have all been proven to drive transformational outcomes for the Fortune 500.

This workshop is an excerpt from the 120VC Transformational Project Leadership Program, a curation of proven frameworks and outcome-based learnings into one simple, actionable standard that’s certifiable and adoptable, delivered in an immersive 14-week program.

Course Outcomes

  • Achieve transformational results regardless of the methodology.
  • Learn and practice the psychology of getting great results.
  • Identify the difference between a boss and a leader.
  • Be ready for anything;  effective leadership requires planning, intentionality and discipline.
  • Gain techniques and tools for daily, weekly and monthly leadership planning.
  • Prepare to lead your team to a WIN with an agenda.
  • Active listening; THE secret to effective leadership, conflict resolution and problem solving.
  • Treat meetings like a competition, learn how to win as a team.
  • Establish a cadence and enable self-accountability.
  • Learn how to stop holding people accountable by helping team members stay accountable.


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 by James Tucker on 120VC
High Energy Course full of actionable content

An amazing course - 6 hours of incredible content that I started to put to good use even as the course itself progressed. Did I learn anything brand new - maybe, maybe not - but I was certainly reminded of things I have learned and had stopped doing, simple and easy things that I should never have stopped and that will make me so much more effective in my leadership journey. This is 6 hours of positivity, fun, learning and things that can be put straight into practice. Excellent pace, content and superb coach!

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