Organizational Change leadership that #GSD

A digital transformation, reorg or rebrand. Whatever the change initiative is, making organization change stick doesn't happen by just effectively communicating the changes or hitting a flawless rollout plan, it's about people.

Change has become a constant and increasingly complicated. Yet the way that most businesses lead transformations has not changed.

Organizations are optimized for the results they are getting today. If you want or need to get different results, you need the humans in your organization to behave differently, to do their jobs differently. Culture is a combination of behavior and attitude. If you want your team members to change or behave differently, you need them to have a positive attitude about the change, or it won't happen.

Winning change leaders take organizations on a journey, where they play the role of the guide making the needs of their team or customer the hero.  It's all about focusing the hero on the desired future outcome and purpose of their journey. Learn how to be a purpose-driven and outcome obsessed leader who enables your team to architect their own path to slay their dragon.  Make change real and lasting. Learn how to lead a movement that your team and organization want to belong.

Course Outcomes

  • Go beyond your biases and assumptions to tackle (and overcome) the root cause of your business challenge.
  • Make change relevant to those who must do things differently tomorrow than what they do today.
  • Apply psychological leadership practices the ensure teams feel safe to engage, lead, and fail.
  • Gain the framework to unlock higher levels of team performance and engagement with a common purpose.
  • Make change stick by sparking a movement that your team and organization want to belong.

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