Leadership Conversations that Lead to #GSD

90-Min Talk

As we transition from the Digital Era to the Experience Age, the "I dictate, you deliver" leadership model is dead! Our consumers and our team members expect their leadership to create an environment where all stakeholders can have a positive Experience. Managing the "Status Quo" has gone the way of the Blockbuster Video, succeeding in the Experience Age requires leading the "Status Go."

About This Talk

We all hear that great leaders coach and mentor their teams. Leaders "ENABLE" their teams to improve their outcomes, develop mad skills and get sh*t done. Today's leaders are expected to create clarity and alignment for the vision and then get out of the way.

There are so many articles, and headlines that tell us what we should be doing as leaders, but almost nobody Is telling us how to get there.

Have you ever wanted to throw up in your mouth a little when you hear "ENABLE, "ALIGNMENT," or "SET CLEAR EXPECTATIONS?"

Do you ever think, ya, but WTF does that mean? Or, cool, but how do you actually do that? We read these articles in pursuit of achieving better outcomes, but have to figure out how to achieve them alone.

In this talk we will give you the secret recipe to Enable, Align and Set Clear Expectations that will result in the achievement of the necessary and expected results.

If you are a Project, Program, Portfolio, Product, Scrum Master, Organizational Change Manager, Operations, or HR Manager, you were hired to achieve transformational results and enable the team to get sh*t done. You were essentially hired to change things. 100% of this presentation is about putting the how-to techniques used at 120VC in your hands.

Course Outcomes

  • How to enable & set team members up for success.
  • How to foster a fierce commitment to alignment and clear expectations.
  • How to conduct coaching conversations that lead to expected outcomes.

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