If You Are Leading without Disrupting, You Aren’t #GSD

90-Min Talk

Societally we are being asked to innovate, deliver quickly, and challenge the status quo. Our leaders can't have more, innovative and quicker results without acknowledging we are going to break things along the way. The old paradigm of pretending you always have everything under control and that your team makes zero mistakes Is dead.

Join J. Scott, CEO & Founder @120VC, a Transformation Accelerator Services Firm that has been providing Project, Product, and Organizational Change Leadership to the Fortune 1000 for more than two decades. J. will share his experience with disruption in-service of leading a team to define and deliver the necessary and expected outcomes.

About This Talk

Organizations are optimized for the results they are getting today. If you want or need to get different results, you need the humans in your organization to behave differently, to do their jobs differently. Culture is a combination of behavior and attitude. If you want your team members to behave differently, you need them to have a positive attitude about the change, or it won't happen.

Leaders take organizations on a journey. No one hires a leader because they want their organization to be the same in a month, six months, or a year. No one gets hired to lead the "status quo," it's all about the status go. We need to continue to reinvent our products and services to keep our customers continually infatuated.

To do this, we need leaders that see what's next so our teams can make what's new! Leaders move fast and help their team make things. Leadership is about change, and change by its nature is disruptive. If you aren't disrupting the status quo, you aren't changing anything. If you aren't changing anything, you aren't leading …

Course Outcomes

  • Learn how to be disruptive in service of enabling your team to define and then deliver transformational results that MATTER.

  • Learn how to minimize skepticism for change by cultivating trust and transparency.

  • Foster a fierce commitment to alignment and clear expectations for the change.

  • Conduct coaching conversations that lead to transformational outcomes.

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