Getting Transformation Done: The Role of Brand

90-minute Talk

About This Talk

MCDONALDS, DISNEY, APPLE, NIKE, TESLA... The mere mention of these names evokes a feeling, thought, or action. In a single word, these brand names codify a set of values, complex ideas, and product promises that have led millions of people to action. What if you could harness the same principles and power of branding to lead change within your organization?

You don't have to be Don Draper on Mad Men. Your project doesn't have to be filled with Disney's magic Pixie Dust or Tesla's game[1]changing ingenuity. It's not about outcomes, but rather, it's about why the outcomes matter. In this talk, we'll look at why people want to follow some brands and not others. Comparing attributes of great leaders and brands in their ability to lead people to action.

Talk Outcomes

  • How to lead the "Status Go"
  • How to establish the need for change – Start with Why, not How.
  • How to focus on the problem YOUR CUSTOMERS think they have.
  • How to teach your Leaders to "Define the Right It", and adequately assess their Challenges & Opportunities.
  • Why it's busy work if it doesn't Improve Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, or Profitability.
  • How to create enormous value by determining if the Challenge or Opportunity is an Innovation, Prevention, or the Elimination of Assessment and Failure activities.
  • How to Pitch Your Solution and Get Funded.

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