Build a Culture of Accountability

"If you want your team members to succeed, you have to stop holding them accountable. The idea may sound provocative, but it’s a critical step toward empowering team members." – J Scott

About This Course

Picture this: You're a great leader. You want your team members to succeed, but you've been told that holding them accountable is the key to success. Well, I hate to break it to you, but that's just dead wrong.

You see, our ideas about accountability have been ingrained in us since childhood. When we reach for the hot stove, our hand gets slapped. And as we grow older, we think of accountability as punishment. But that's not what it should be.

The truth is, accountability stifles autonomy and promotes negative reinforcement. It's the opposite of leadership. People want to do a good job and win, but being cynical about that fact only breeds distrust.

Think about it: Would you want someone constantly looking over your shoulder? It ruins trust. And trust should be the beating heart of your organization. According to the Harvard Business Review, high-trust companies have employees with 74% less stress, 106% more energy, 40% less burnout, and 29% more satisfaction with their lives.

So, if you want your teams to succeed, you need to stop holding them accountable. It may sound provocative, but it's a critical step toward empowering your team members. And empowering your team members is what true leadership is all about.

Course Outcomes

  • Learn the language of Accountability and Non-Accountability.
  • How to assess your culture of accountability by listening to its language.
  • How to stop holding people accountable & get better results.
  • How to help people stay accountable by identifying what’s “missing.”
  • Learn how leadership is deeply human.
  • Learn when it’s time to admit someone doesn’t have the Attitude or Aptitude to succeed and “do the right thing.”

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