Build a Culture of Accountability

If your team isn't getting the outcomes you think you need, and you believe it's your job to "hold them accountable," You're the problem! It's You!

About This Course

Improving your team's accountability isn't a real outcome, and it's not something you can force anyone to do. What you really want, is for your team to achieve the outcomes you think your organization needs to thrive.

Our entire concept of accountability starts at the breakdown. One of your team members didn't deliver the outcome you needed, so it's time to put your leadership pants on and "hold them accountable."

Where were your leadership pants before the breakdown? We have the concept of accountability backward. It starts with the leader. Leaders are there to set their team members up to be accountable for the commitments they make. If your team members are regularly voluntold what and how to do things, leadership is the problem... It's you!

You can't help someone stay accountable to a commitment they didn't make. Period ...

If you are still reading, it's because your team members aren't delivering the outcomes you think you need. You have two choices. Continue doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result, or...

Join J. Scott, Founder of 120VC, a world-renowned expert at building teams that Get Shit Done, and learn how to stop holding people accountable and start leading teams that get the outcomes you need.

Course Outcomes

  • Why you need to stop holding people accountable.

  • How to use the language of accountability.

  • How to get people to Opt-In and set them up for accountability.

  • How to cultivate good commitments.

  • How to help team members stay accountable by identifying patterns and addressing what's missing.

  • When it's time, and how to help people find their bliss somewhere else.

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