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The founder of an industry-leading project management firm is giving away their guide book to their competitors–and teaching them how to use it

December 6, 2022

TACOMA, WA  – December 5, 2022 –  Jason Scott and his project and change management consultancy, 120VC, are recognized as the experts in transformational leadership that gets sh*t done (GSD).  

Not only does J. Scott want to give away his secret to 22 years of successfully leading transformational projects for Fortune 500 companies, he wants to train them how to use it.  

Giving away your business secrets may seem unusual, but J. Scott is anything but business as usual. 

Jason is a regular guy who grew up in gangland Los Angeles, dropped out of high school, and jumped out of helicopters as a rescue swimmer in the U. S. Navy before founding the change and project management consultancy, 120VC. He’s about helping people, leaders, and their teams #GSD to win. 

Jason insists his approach to #GSD isn’t magical. 

“It doesn’t require anyone to learn a bunch of new buzzwords, deploy technology, act smart, be smart, pray or drink any Kool-aid. It just requires a little grit, courage, the willingness to take the first and second steps, and a commitment to never, ever, ever give up. Just get focused and do the work.” – J. Scott

After dropping out of high school, J. learned all that anyone needs to be successful is to be disciplined, trusting, transparent when it matters, and accountable. 

Today, with that recipe, he and 120VC have spent over 20 years leading global transformational efforts for DirecTV, Trader Joe’s, Blizzard Entertainment, RIOT Games, Sony Pictures, ResMed, AAG, Universal Music Group, Remitly, and their teams.  

Jason’s recipe for success is more than philosophy, it also comes with practices and methods that have been learned and proved over the years.

“I wrote the book because 22 years ago when I started 120VC, I couldn’t find a how-to playbook. There were a lot of resources out there on theory, methodology, and software tools, but nothing that told me how to effectively plan and deliver the OUTCOMES my clients needed. So I started writing down everything that worked and training teams.” – J. Scott

The guide book has become 120VC’s manual for tapping into “the transformative power of getting sh*t done #GSD”. And now, he’s giving it all away because Jason wants everyone to win, not just his team.  

I imagine a world where the vast majority of teams and companies are winning, AKA, delivering the necessary and expected outcomes. This would increase their quality of life, people’s happiness, and everyone’s economic prosperity.” – J. Scott. 

To help everyone get the same results Jason and his team at 120VC have been able to deliver, he is giving away digital downloads of his book:   “The Irreverent Guide to Project Management, An Agile Approach to Enterprise Project Management.”  It’s available for competitors or anyone interested in in learning how to #GSD.  



The Irreverent Guide is his playbook for the practical tradecraft behind successful project management, product management and change management. 

The consultants at 120VC Brand Community have been using this playbook to super charge project and product leadership outcomes, operational efficiency, and organizational change for their Fortune and mid-market clients for over two decades.  

Not only is Jason giving the book away, he’s going to teach competitors and anyone that wants to improve their teams ability to #GSD how to use it.   

“We believe that competition helps identify areas that we can improve our business for all of our stakeholders. So we share our best practices and challenge others to do better.” – J. Scott

Driven by his the mission to train and empower a generation of transformative leaders who enable teams to get sh*t done, Jason Scott launched the 120 Transformational Leadership Academy (TLA) with talks, workshops, and a PMI-Approved certification course.

“I think everybody recognizes that we are in a transformational era. How we live, work and function as a society is all changing. Now more than ever, people need leaders who know how to enable people to forge their own path to GSD things that matter.” – J. Scott

Unlike other training on Leadership, Project, Product, and Change Management, the TLA and its flagship 14-week certification program deliver how-to, real-world instruction on the latest best practices being used by 120VC teams to execute enterprise-wide projects for our Fortune 500 clients.

Additionally, Jason Scott realizes how people learn is quite different today. No longer is it top-down, command-and-control where people gather around to listen to lectures and theories. 

Instead, the TLA follows the Kolb Model, to create an experiential learning experience.  Jason Scott sees himself as a guide, not an instructor. So he leads workshops and courses as a learning community where people share their experiences and help mentor each other. 

Many of the talks and workshops Jason delivers are free of charge, while the 14-week TLP certification course is $2,500, and earns 47 PDUs.  Learn more about the TLA at

Jason Scott’s workshops and keynote addresses have made him one of the most sought after leadership speakers for the PMI organization as well as earning five-out-of-five-star reviews as a speaker from his global clients as he is inspiring people to lead the change they want to see within their organizations, within their lives, and in culture.


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120 Transformational Leadership Academy Info  – The Transformational Leadership Academy From The Experts In #GSD.  The TLA is a part of the 120 Brand Community  and exists to transform the way teams learn how to Get Shit Done.  We are on a mission to empower a generation of transformative leaders who enable teams to #GSD through the application of the 120 Standard.

The TLA is an online learning community offering talks, workshops, and certification programs designed for anyone who leads a team.  While other programs teach what they think works; we teach what’s proven to work. The TLA was originally developed to train 120VC practice teams to execute enterprise-wide projects for our Fortune 500 clients. Now the same how-to, real-world instruction on the latest best practices in transformational leadership is available to everyone. 

120VC is a PMI Approved Training Provider and is authorized to give PDUs to students for course completion. For example, our flagship Transformational Leadership Program can earn 47 PDUs. To qualify for PDUs you will have to complete courses with a 70% or better participation score and complete the requirements for the course or workshop certificate.

Jason Scott’s Books:

“The Irreverent Guide to Project Management, An Agile Approach to Enterprise Project Management.” 

Available for competitors or anyone interested in in learning how to #GSD.

The essential “How to Guide” to the GSD Standard of Project Management. Our Project Managers use it to plan and complete large enterprise-wide projects for companies like Trader Joes, DirecTV, LiveNation, and Beachbody. The book is an outcome-obsessed, simple compendium of best practices compiled into a step-by- step easy to follow approach.

You can use the guidebook for free by clicking the link to the left titled “read it now”. Or you can purchase it and download a PDF and the templates associated with the techniques in the book.

Our guide is used by Project Managers and Project Organizations globally to complete large complex projects as aggressively as possible and to achieve transformation outcomes efficiently and cost-effectively.

Mina Stojic
Marketing Coordinator
120 Brand Community