August 6, 2019

Most organizations understand project managers are at the center of a project’s success. But poor project managers are crippling entire organizations. A poor project manager is a single point of failure on any project. However, from that punctured point, failure trickles, flows, and floods through the whole organization. It’s all part of a scary pattern; high demand is leading to bad hires, and poor project managers are causing organizations to crumble. Download our 1-sheet and learn what you can do about it.

Jason Scott

J. Scott is a regular guy who grew up in gangland Los Angeles, dropped out of high school, and jumped out of helicopters as a rescue swimmer in the U. S. Navy. And… Over two decades ago, he founded 120VC. He’s about helping people, leaders, and their teams get sh*t done. Today, he lives in Tacoma, WA, serving his global customer base, launching new businesses, and exploring the outdoors with his family.

After dropping out of high school, J. learned all that anyone needs to be successful is to be disciplined, trusting, transparent when it matters, and accountable. With that recipe, he and 120VC have been helping Fortune 500 leaders, and their teams benefit from the transformative power of getting shit done #GSD.

His approach to #GSD isn’t magical. Nor does it require anyone to learn a bunch of new buzzwords, deploy technology, act smart, be smart, pray or drink any Kool-aid. It just requires a little grit, courage, the willingness to take the first and second steps, and a commitment to never, ever, ever give up. Just get focused and do the work.