Smartsheet Help: Just Add Leadership – The recipe for leading with PM tools

August 17, 2022

A PM’s Toolbox

The tools a leader uses for project management matter, and there are a lot of pm tools out there., Asana, Microsoft Project, & Smartsheet are all tools you could use to manage a project. How do you know what is the best?

120VC has learned that Project Management Tools are a lot like choosing the best motorcycle; it all depends on what you plan to do with it. If you want to go 180 miles per hour on a straight stretch of freeway, a sportbike is the best. If you’re going to ride on the dirt or sand, then a dirt bike is best. And if you want to cruise around, take in the sights and look like a badass, a cruiser is the way to go.

How to Use Smartsheet to #GSD

We like to use Smartsheet for easily tracking and managing schedules for your team on projects. We like it so much so that we collaborated with Smartsheet to create our own 120VC templates to get sh*t done. 120VC is a certified Smartsheet Partner, and we brought our extensive and innovative 120VC standard mixed with the collaborative team at Smartsheet to create these templates

Our templates were created to take the administration setup work out of setting it up so you can just focus on leading your team to #gsd. It gives you a snapshot of the project, high-level view of projects, and what support is needed on tasks with task health and impediments so that no time to waste on the extra planning or admin work.

There’s also a Smartsheet dashboard for project status reports for stakeholders to view, which means reducing the amount of time needed to spend on it each week (thank us later). It also has a communication plan aspect, all of which make it a certified #GSD badass tool to use.

Add In Leadership

So now you’ve got a good handle on how to use Smartsheet and our templates – and you’ve cut down on the admin time needed to manage your project. Time to focus on leading! All the different PM tools are great, but if you don’t know how to wield the tool w/ your team to use it effectively it won’t make a difference.

Leadership is the key ingredient to our 120VC standard and it too often gets overlooked or left out. With leadership, you can not only plan a project but crush your Project in Smartsheet, ASANA, Monday, or whatever project management tool you use! Leadership helps you develop crisp Assumptions, Risks, and Constraints (that aren’t BS), use tools to plan a project and eliminate 99% of the avoidable Risk, and lead your stakeholders to an epic success.

Want to learn how to effectively develop your leadership skills to actually lead your team, not just rely on a tool? Get after it and sign up for our Smartsheet for Project Leaders Who #GSD Workshop. Presented through our leadership academy, our Smartsheet webinar is focused on teaching the leadership required to leverage the tool. What do you need to join? Registration, your 120VC Smartsheet templates with a base level understanding of Smartsheet, and the drive to learn how to get sh*t done.

Jason Scott

J. Scott is a regular guy who grew up in gangland Los Angeles, dropped out of high school, and jumped out of helicopters as a rescue swimmer in the U. S. Navy. And… Over two decades ago, he founded 120VC. He’s about helping people, leaders, and their teams get sh*t done. Today, he lives in Tacoma, WA, serving his global customer base, launching new businesses, and exploring the outdoors with his family.

After dropping out of high school, J. learned all that anyone needs to be successful is to be disciplined, trusting, transparent when it matters, and accountable. With that recipe, he and 120VC have been helping Fortune 500 leaders, and their teams benefit from the transformative power of getting shit done #GSD.

His approach to #GSD isn’t magical. Nor does it require anyone to learn a bunch of new buzzwords, deploy technology, act smart, be smart, pray or drink any Kool-aid. It just requires a little grit, courage, the willingness to take the first and second steps, and a commitment to never, ever, ever give up. Just get focused and do the work.